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I Hope he Rots in Hell
By Cynthia Fridsma
TraumaTrauma begins with Susan having a terrifying nightmare, but she awakens to something worse – her father is strangling her mother, and he doesn’t know why or remember it. Is it drugs or something more sinister?

Susan’s nightmares continue to worsen, and she doesn’t know what these nocturnal horrors mean or why she keeps having them. When her best friend Xander becomes injured in a terrible car accident and is taken to hospital, Susan discovers that her nightmares aren’t imaginary. They are suppressed memories of horrific events. Susan soon discovers that she is adopted, and her life has been built around lies. Naturally, Susan has serious questions that demand answers. What happened to her birth parents? Is her father the abusive monster she remembers? Read More >>

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The Leviathan (1651), The Two Treatises of Government (1689), The Social Contract (1762), The Constitution of Pennsylvania (1776):The Leviathan, The Two Treatises of Government, The Social Contract, The Constitution of Pennsylvania
By Peter Kanzler

This anthology of valuable texts is essential for anyone interested in politics, history, or philosophy. These are some of the most important books pertaining to the history of democracy & the nature of the State that have ever been written and possess immense historical value. The Constitution of Pennsylvania also has a significant heritage in the history of the United States. Read More>>

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victim2victor largeVictim2Victor

By Anu Verma

This is the true story of Anu’s trauma from sexual abuse and her powerful overcoming of her past.

Anu, an Asian woman of Indian ancestry, was raised in the United Kingdom and sexually abused by one of her parent’s tenants at a very young age. This sent her into a dark, inner space and harmed her relationships in later years. Eventually, the truth was discovered, and the pedophile was evicted from the house, but by then, the damage had already been done. Read more >>

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