By Tom Stafford

“Time Dreams. They are memories of the soul. They encompass all Time. They exist in the space of a dream.”

Quexistence is a very interesting book concerning the nature of time, dreams and reality. This is a science fiction/fantasy novel with a unique philosophical premise which begins with the story of an old man telling the story of his life whilst decorating a Christmas tree with his granddaughter, Angie. They reminisce and discuss the topic of “Time Dreams.”

What are these mysterious “Time Dreams”? Where do dreams originate from – are they connected with ‘free will’ and how much control do we have over them? To add another layer of complexity: nothing is known about time either – hence this book deals with three very mysterious subjects; time, dreams and the nature of reality.

Quexistence will explain the nature of time, dreams, free will and the soul via the concept of the Time Dream. The “Time Dreams are eternal thoughts. They are dreams of your soul.” As such they are not the same as other dreams – so real you can’t tell them from reality. The Time Dream links the essence of Time to Eternity, and to the Soul to provide a state of metaphysical conscious named here as the ‘Time Dream’. All of which adds a deeply profound philosophical meaning to this novel.

The story of Quexistence proceeds from this introduction to take us back in time on an archaeological excavation and into the ancient past. Here, in the mystical Sands of Time, the nature of Eternity unfolds through a shifting set of fantastical interactions with the personifications of Past, Future and Present. Freebird, the representation of Free Will is also present and how it interacts with the nature of Time presents an interesting narrative for those with an inclination towards philosophy or esoteric topics.

But Quexistence is far more than just a philosophical text; it also a sci-fiction, fantasy and romance book which takes us from surreal dream like segments set in the ancient past into mystical settings, encounters with Bigfoot, epic cosmological scenes, and even into the depths of space with flying serpents. It is a unique book written by an author with a truly vivid and original vision.

Quexistence is a book about the most important of all quests, the quest to find the meaning of life and understand our purpose. There in his dreams he discovers he will discover his soul mate, the love of his life and missing part of his own soul.

Quexistence is a book that helps us realize that the boundaries between dreams and reality are thin indeed, and here the two cross over in the concluding chapters of the book. Quexistence is a book for the dreamer and the seeker in all of us.

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