ESCAPE: A New Life

ESCAPE: A New Life

David J. Antocci

Escape: A New Life – leads straight into action and excitement with no time to waste as a woman (Abby) wakes up, lost and missing some parts of her memory, washed up on the beach of a deserted island. But she isn’t alone – she rescues a man and drags him ashore. Abby – meets Eric the man she rescued. Unfortunately Eric can’t tell her where they are or fill in the missing gaps in her memory either. But there is something familiar about Eric and she just can’t place it…

Together they try to adapt and survive in their new surroundings with the little equipment and material they can find on this strange island. They find many dangers such as unpredictable tides that threaten to drown them in caves and are desperate to find help – and people – but when they do find them, it brings more danger, from which they are rescued by the enigmatic Robert. Robert is the first of many strange characters encountered on this island, including the creepy Tom and the quirky Sara who tricks and traps Abby.

Half way through the book it cuts to the office of Olivia Thomas in Los Angeles, where the secrets of Eric and Abby’s past are finally revealed – and this is such a plot twist, it would be spoiler to reveal it here! Suffice to say, you will be surprised by the revelation of their origin and the authors creative ingenuity.

Eventually Abby flees to safety on a raft made by her and Eric – and again, she is lost, deserted and alone. Though a chance meeting she is reconciled with Eric, and then we start progressing towards the cataclysmic finale which is a nightmarish process of revelations for Abby.

Despite the heavy odds stacked against them though, in the long run Eric and Abby turn out to be real winners in a very nasty game of chance. But it doesn’t end there, before Abby can finally escape to her new life, she must first rid herself of something from her past that she doesn’t want to remember…

Escape: A New Life is a fascinating tale of action mixed with imagination, and is as exciting as a cross between The Hunger Games and Lost. If you enjoyed watching either of these, we guarantee you will enjoy reading Escape: A New Life. All in all, this is a very impressive work for a debut author –don’t waste any time getting yourself a copy in case it sells out!

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