Happy Days Everyday

Author: Caesar Osiris

Happy Days EverydayHappy Days Everyday debuted as the number 1# Self-Help Book in 2020 when launched and continues to be a top seller in the genre. Given the book’s in-depth coverage and design, this enduring success is well earned. The book is aesthetically laid out with simple but effective illustrations that please the reader’s eye. Happy Days Everyday includes a 22 Days Quantum Joyfulness Transformation Program and the 100 Principles of Happiness. 2020 has been a rough year for many people, and Happy Days Everyday is guaranteed to help people transition through these turbulent times.

Happy Days Everyday presents a holistic view of well-being, consisting of an integrated approach to the mind, body, and spirit. Health affects well-being in ways that we are often unaware of, and as such, improving our lifestyles and dietary habits can help alleviate difficulties. The book also looks at specific aspects of the body, including anatomy, movement, and the effects of the “Happy Hormones.”

However, we aren’t just material substances. The author also looks at the spirit, referring to the traditions of India and Jungian approaches to spirituality (in particular those of the ‘Shadow’), mindfulness, and consciousness. For fans of Joseph Campbell, he is also referenced in this book. Emotions can also have a tremendous impact on people. The author discusses this in-depth and explains Plutchik’s Sequential Model, David Hawkin’s levels of consciousness and emotional frequencies, and many other scientific topics not covered in the usual self-help books.

But it’s not always your own body and mind which causes problems – external events and toxic people can have a severely negative and long-lasting bearing on life. The effects of trauma and how to recover from it are dealt with in one section of the book. Any form of severe trauma that results in causing PTSD produces extremely unpleasant issues. Happy Days Everyday provides details on how to cope with this.

Another chapter of Happy Days Everyday deals with the necessity of self-acceptance, highlighting the aspects of life which bring happiness and fulfillment to each unique individual. “Know thyself,” as the adage goes, is paramount to improving one’s life, and one needs to apply it with rigorous honesty and integrity.

Part five brings us to ‘The Outside World and Otherness.’ This chapter covers issues such as the environment, communications, empathy, and interaction with other people. The next part then moves forward to ‘Training for Happiness,’ which deals with self-development and how to become the person you want to be. This goal can be achieved through organization, time management skills, or more complex methods like using mantras.

Happy Days Everyday concludes with the section entitled the ‘22 Days Quantum Joyfulness Program’. This section describes the author’s unique technique for helping you achieve happiness and resolve any lingering problems discussed in the previous chapters. This technique entails a holistic approach to the body and mind, incorporating dietary methods, exercise, yoga (with illustrations showing the posture & movement), and mantras. The program is designed to meet the needs of the body and the mind, so it is sure to benefit many readers.

2020 has produced significant difficulties for people due to the pandemic and the economic devastation that swiftly followed. Many readers will find Happy Days Everyday particularly useful to help resolve their problems and have a happier year in 2021.


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