Mount Athos Inside Me

Jean Winchester

Mount Athos Inside Me, by Rev. David William Parry is an astonishing book both in depth and content. An analysis of its contents and of the serenity it induces may be taken as granted as it provides guidance and hope to its readers. However, there is no doubt that it is a scholarly masterpiece that certainly bridges any schisms that exist between Christianity and Pagans as you find yourself immersed in English history, customs, folk beliefs, ancestral faith and curious national anecdotes. Another thought that comes to mind is that it is also about the struggle of our disenchanted, corporate and technocratic selves against our philosophical and transcendental psyches.

Moreover, the author shows how masterful his knowledge of the subject is as he takes us on a metaphysical journey into ourselves and the land that supports us. Through the warmth of its chapters you will recognize that it cannot be denied that the Reverend Parry has written this with enthusiasm, proficiency and Spirit. He has successfully distilled and communicated what may be thought of as a cultured and literary subject into an essence most easy to read and understand. Certainly, a book to cherish.

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