Review Guidelines

We are happy to publish virtually all literary genres. There are, however, a few that we can’t accept. These genres are: erotica, political propaganda, and anything which promotes criminal activities. Other than that, all sub-genres of fiction and non-fiction are accepted.

Reviews are not guaranteed inclusion on the website, and priority will be given to books we have chosen to review.

We do have a few guidelines though:

  • Reviews must not contain any personal libel or defamation
  • Reviews must be about the book only and not any personal qualities of the author
  • Keep it professional, no insults or cussing
  • Minimum review length is 250 words, maximum review length is 1000 words
  • Remember to include an image of the book cover
  • Links for readers to purchase the book are optional

If you want to send a review to us for publication on the website, you can do so by using this form.