The Animal Squad and the Mystical Topax Amulet

Author: Jan Sier

The Animal Squad and the Mystical Topax AmuletThe Animal Squad and the Mystical Topax Amulet offers a winning combination of animals on an exciting adventure to save the world that children are sure to love. The Animal Squad are members of AIT (Animals International Team), a group of animal-human hybrids who fight terrorists and other criminals. With entertaining characters like the stylish secret agent Johnny Fox and his two sidekicks, the tough Rambo Rhino and the ninja Diego Frog, the adventures of The Animal Squad is a real delight for young readers.

Only The Animal Squad has what it takes to defeat Gator Croc, a villain who has part of the mystical Topax amulet, which has the magical ability to bestow special powers.

In this sensational story of action and adventure, other animals – some good and some bad – appear and meet the heroes –  Benedict ‘Hacker’ Hedgehog who tracks the location of the Topax Amulet, Rebel Racoon, Rocky Rooster, Viktor Wolf, and the slippery Kim-Ban Viper.

The Animal Squad travel halfway around the world to Japan and Hong Kong, trying to stop Gator Croc and retrieve the Topax Amulet. Non-stop action and adventure follow them wherever they go, leading to the showdown with Gator Croc.

The Animal Squad and the Mystical Topax Amulet is a fantastic book for children that will keep them entertained and develop their imagination, offering a mix of James Bond action with cute animals and a Harry Potter style magical amulet.


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